Sunday, July 10, 2011

here we go again!

now it was long tima ago we posted something, but i´m gonna force my boyfriend to keep this blogg updated now!

so happenings which are going on:
i have violet hair, me and my boyfriend are going to liseberg, we bought mice ;)
and so on! :)
well i cant post much right now, but with a while i will do as much as i can to keep this blog at least updated with few stuff ;)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Västerås here we go

Hey everyone ;)
well today we took the train from stockholm (my home) to västerås (jontes home) ! so here we are now.. 
in stockholm i had time enough to buy new tights and H&M tops.. 
here in västerås we met Chrille :D as we was eating at a azum thai reastaurant :P
and now we´re chilling with coke vanilla Zero and coke cherry zero + fanta zero xD
and today in the night we´re gonna watch the "supermoon" 
it says tonight the moon will be really close to the earth.. well lets see how amazing it´s gonna be ;)

now i have to make my homework, Jonte plays black ops,later we´re gonna watch movie and just cuddle and chill :) 
 and i´m uploading 2 new movies on my youtube channel :)
here´s the link if you want to subscribe ;)
                                                     (sunny day in sweden- we love!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hello everyone!

So, this is Jonte who is writing this time :). Just a quick small update, I came to stockholm around one hour ag and met Emy at her school :) (good to know, right?) Anyway, i think emy is coming up with a new video later. But i cant promise you anything. I think this is going to be the first movie when im not playing black ops and are in the same room xD haha. Tomorrow we go home to Oliwia, that is going to be awesome i think :) she is so friendly and cool :) haha, it should excist more people like her :D haha 
On Saturday we go back to my hometown, we have to paint the last thing in my new room :) i going to show you pictures of it when it is done :)

Have a nice day/evening/morning! ;D
// Jonte 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Missing you!

Hey There!
well, my first text :D feels weird but yea :P
but yea, lets talk about the news! update is that i´m gonna see my little angel tomorrow again<3
and on friday we´re going to make tachokväll with cute Oliwia and her boyfriend and some other friends :)
and as it looks like i´m gonna get smiley piercing in april and snakebites in summer :) ! 
and a azum tattoo in around two weeks <3 
and guys! new video on my channel

tomorrow swedish presentation :D maybe not, if i have luck xD
but now i´m gonna leave the computer for a while and sleep ;)


Jonte i love you baby <3 hope you read this tonight <3

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello people!

As you already maybe saw, this is going to be the a blog about me, Emy, and whatever comes in our way. It could be everything between heaven and hell! :D 
I hope Emy is going to log in sometimes in this one and write little bit about herself och about everything else!

And btw, leave comments about stuff we can make better or take away or whatever, doenst matters if you write on german, swedish, or english.. Because we speak all three xD. If you have any request for Emy im pretty sure she is going to make it for you :) (you can request stuff from me too) =D 

Have a nice evening/day/morning!!